Our Little Munchkins
A Summer Show

Our Little Munchkins Home Daycare is located in Tinley Park, Illinois. Sharon and Shawna Miller run the program which is a cut above other daycares in the Chicagoland area! One of the unique features about this daycare is that they put on a summer show to feature the talents of all the children.

The youngest child in the daycare in two years old. Each child brings a different skill set and performs their best for the audience! The audience consisted of family members of each of the daycare kids. The performance ran over one hour and features dance, singing, and good times! Some of the performances even involved parents and other family members.

The production features a glimpse at some of the work the students do during daycare in order to hone their reading, writing, and match skills. If you are interested in more information about Our Little Munchkins Home Daycare, go to https://www.facebook.com/ourlittlemunchkinshomedaycare.