World of Wheels
Spring has sprung

The World of Wheels signals that summer draws near, which means car shows will be springing up soon! As one of AC Variety's favorite events of the year, the 2017 World of Wheels was a new adventure due to a couple of reasons...

Car guru, Jimmy Alleruzzo, has been out of television action for most of the winter due to health reasons. This presented the opportunity to feature a new host for the car adventures on AC Variety. Scott McCauley, of Duke's Drive-In fame, offered to fill-in for the World of Wheels production on March 04, 2017. Thank you to Gina Larimore, also of the local car scene, for introducing McCauley to the ACV team.

Count's 77

McCauley wastes no time in "getting down to business" by providing a look at the numerous cars on display at the World of Wheels. From the locals, to the travelers, he talks about them all. In addition to revealing history of the cars from select owners, he also relates his own personal experience from seeing many of the vehicles around the Chicagoland area at other shows. McCauley also provides details about what exactly the International Show Car Association is.

The 2017 World of Wheels production also marked the first time that Clem of ACvariety.TV, appeared on-camera at the event. Count's 77, led by Danny "The Count" Koker of Counting Cars, performed on March 04. In addition to capturing some of the action, Clem was provided the honor to interview the band after their performance. The combination of the music and cars make for a fun-filled hour!

The World of Wheels is the third production in the family. provides specialty coverage of all things motors. In addition to providing video coverage, also lists upcoming cruise nights and car shows. Go to for more information.